Thank You #2016!


In a year where recent headlines curses 2016, we want to thank 2016. Not so much the year, but what happened in 2016. In reality a year is just a number, months are just months, but moments are what we make of them, and when it comes to 2016 9RUN6 had a lot of great fucking moments!

2016 brought a lot of people together! I mean just look at the photos above and see all the smiling faces in them. It brought together a group of new friends.

Here are some of our favorite moments of 2016 … In no particular order …

  1. Brad gets shitted on during a morning workout by a bird.
  2. All the new faces we saw come and go through our workouts.
  3. The beer mile fiasco, ie beer foaming from BMC’s nose.
  4. All the new marathoners! Brad, Steven, Ernesto, Alexia, Melanie … are we missing anyone?
  5. The Boston Qualifiers! Alexia and Kevin.
  6. All the Personal Best set this year! Too many to list individually.
  7. Anytime Ernesto showed up to a workout.ummm that Spandex though.
  8. Donuts at the workouts.
  9. Skechers Demo night … you get a free pair of shoes, you get a pair … everyone gets a free pair. Sucks for you if you didn’t show up.
  10. All the gear being tagged in 2016.

What were your favorite 2016 9RUN6 memories? List them in the comments section below. 

Oh… and our 2016 award winners will be announced this weekend through social media so keep an eye out.

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