2017 … LIFT OFF!


The first Wednesday workout of 2017 just went down! We are officially starting our 3rd year of pure awesome. The gathering of friends at O’Dark Thirty to get our run, sweat and conversation on.

Apparently the weather feared off some of our more consistent people that come to the workouts. It was a clear warning that weather wasn’t going to be good when our resident meteorologist didn’t show up this morning. Was this an indication that there was going to be a storm coming into the Downtown Sacramento area? To be honest this kind of worried us, but lucky for those that showed up it wasn’t the case.

Rumor had it that our recent award winner Brad, was already complaining yesterday at his workplace that the rain and wind was too bad and he didn’t want to chance his beard of getting wet, so that is the reason we are giving that he didn’t show up.

We did welcome a new face to the group today. Robin, who currently lives in Sacramento by way of the Bay Area joined us this morning. I don’t think we scared him off, since he seemed to be interested in joining us at another workout, however he did clearly let us know Friday probably wasn’t going to happen for him.

For the workout today we hit the 100 workout … 100 squats, 100 pushups, 100 step ups, 100 lunges and 100 dips. Oh … and don’t forget that today was Sprint It Out Wednesday … so of course we did our sprints!

Happy Wednesday all and stay dry!

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