You could say it was a little cold


It was pretty cold out this morning, one could say … but did that stop people from showing up? NOPE! The gang came together and tried to sweat it out … I say tried because it was so freaking cold it was tough to break a sweat, but some still were able to raise those body temperatures high enough for dribbles of sweat to break through.

As many of you know we are about helping each other reach goals or accomplish awesome things … so during the month of January we are going to do that for one of our peeps who is trying to better her 5k time through a challenge that was thrown out to her by some of friends in Las Vegas.

Next Wednesday, January 11, at the 5:30am run group time we will be doing a 5k at 5:30 followed by the regular other events we do at 9RUN6 at 6 and 6:25AM. The 5k will be loops around the Capitol until the 5k is completed. We have a 9RUN6 5k course, yes it was scientifically marked out with … nope not a wheel, but by someone running around with their Garmin. Okay it might not be an officially marked course but it is close enough to being one.

Great job to everyone who braved the cold weather today. Have a kick ass weekend and see you next week.

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