It was just a tad wet out

Rain, wind, dark … none of that stops the crew of being awesome. This morning we gathered with a little different route today, more so a different purpose to the 5:30AM group, where we hit a 5k to help one of our members Courtney get a base time for the the distance. She is working on improving her 5k time as part of a challenge with some of her remote friends in Las Vegas. So as a crew we looked to help her out a little today. For being kind to help Courtney with the run she rewarded each of us with a KIND bar …

The 3 loop course around the Capitol took us to 5k getting most people in around the 25 minute to 27 minute times. Some ran easy, some ran hard, some ran in between nonetheless the crew got it done.

After the 5:30 5k that was completed the crew did the routine run to pick up McRunner at the Tower Bridge then headed back to the West Steps to knock out the run / workout for today.

The workout for this morning were 10 sets of sprints with 10 push ups and 10 squats after each sprint.

With the workout crushed … everyone was on their way to run the rest of the day.

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