Wet ground, so what

Wet ground don’t bother us! It might sprinkle, it might storm, but we still won’t stop showing up and grinding out a run and workout.

The crew did their thing with the 2 run groups (5:30 and 6am) and the west steps workout at 6:25AM. For the workout today, the ping pong balls relay game came out. We did something out of norm where we created team names for the two groups who relayed against one another. Team Sexy Beard was made up of team captain Brad, Adam and Chris. While Air Hump United was lead by McRunner, Katie and Melanie.

Yes, Melanie finally returned after her spell of coughing and recovery from 8 broken ribs from the coughing. Okay she really didn’t have 8 broken ribs from coughing so much, but it just makes her sound that more awesome than she is. Nonetheless, we welcomed her back with typical 9RUN6 fashion of a “hey, whats up” when she showed up at the corner of 10th & N Street for the 2nd group run.

Way to crush Wednesday morning everyone and STAY DRY! See you on Friday morning.

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