Wind blowing, puddles on the ground and rain in our faces … we don’t care we still workout!

The squad this morning was small but nonetheless we still kicked the workout in the mouth with a 100 workout. 100 pushups. 100 sit ups. 100 squats. 100 leg lifts. 100 lunges. BOOM.

So while doing some Strava stalking I came across one of our workout faithfuls to see he didn’t join us but he still got a run in … That person would be Brad 1.0 … I thought maybe he slept in … nope not the case … his run according to Strava was at 5AM …

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 9.50.54 AM.png

Glad to see him still get a run in on the treadmill, but in true 9RUN6 fashion we had to bust his balls …

Have a great weekend everyone!

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