Wash your hands!

Today’s morning message was about hygiene! Yes people it is important, make sure to wash your hands all the time. If you are confused about today’s PSA, ask anyone who attended to the workout for more information.

With the non-rain and wind free morning, we had a chance to bring out some of our workout props … like cards. Because trust us when the wind is blowing, it is a cluster F@#$ chasing down playing cards during a workout, however that doesn’t count out doing a really awesome version of 52 card pick-up in the future.

The conversations are really awkward at times during the morning workouts, which always making coming out in the morning a blast along with getting your fair share of lunges, jumping jacks, squats, and burpees out of the way along with some running of course.

Everyone did a great job this morning and we hope that it carries with you through the rest of the day. Have a fantastic Wednesday and see you on Friday.

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