The one Friday the 5k was smashed!



So today was the final 5k in the challenge that was thrown out to one of our awesome peeps Courtney. The challenge was to run a 5k two weeks back, that was set by some of her friends remotely in Las Vegas, then take a leave of absence from adult beverages then run another 5k two weeks later.

When we ran the first 5k a couple of weeks back, Courtney had a cold and just dropped her watch into the porcelain black hole, aka the toilet. So things weren’t the perfect conditions for her, but she still got through the 3 loops around the State Capitol. Her time for the 5k was about 28:xx.

Now fast forward to this morning, still no watch but using her strava on her phone like she did two weeks back, and still another cold on her. We toed the line on the corner of 10th & N Street. We headed out for the first loop covering the mile pretty quickly, mind you we stuck as a group to help Courtney get around the 5k. This is what the group is all about, it is helping others reach their goals while chasing our individuals goals at the same time.

The second loop then was about to go, which was a little slower, and this typically happens in most 5k races.

The 3rd loop was next and it was about just running this one out. Boom and there it was a 26:xx finishing time! Bettering her time by two minutes. Which is also a PR from her official time of 27:xx minutes! Perhaps it is time to sign up for a 5k!

On another note … there was an early exchange of text messages with McRunner, who informed us that he wasn’t going to make it. We know that he has another workout group of friends that he connects with, so we decided to call him out …



Have a great weekend everyone and crush it!

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