finally no rain

The crew gathered this morning as we normally do with the 5:30, 6 and 6:25AM crews that run, do funky workouts, or all of the above. The difference between today and other mornings is the fact that the skies were pretty clear, the sidewalks we normally have been stomping were dry, and the sun was coming up during the workout.

Needless to say the morning groups were exciting because not just of the people who show up because we are always awesome, but because Mother Nature came out to give us some love too!

After the 2 run groups that gathers at 10th & N Street, it was time for the Wednesday West Steps workout. On tap today was the ping pong ball workout, each one was picked then a lap around the west square was completed.

We do have some good news … well I know we have heard it for 2 weeks … The custom tubular bandanas are scheduled to be delivered today!!!! That means Friday for those of you that are at the workout will get it! Others will get them mailed to them if needed.

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