New faces from different places

This morning the weather was great for getting our sweat on! We also said hello to some new and old faces. We experienced the causal attendance of Judy, who found a way to stop by, making her visit and getting her dose of 9RUN6 on to last for the next two months.

We also welcomed Nicole and Margaret to their first 9RUN6 workouts. Nicole was introduced to the group by Katie. While Margaret made a visit while visiting family here in Sacramento. She is part of the PDX (Portland) group making the NP Pledge. We wish them all the best in becoming part of the November Project.

With the normal run groups meeting this morning, we were honored to witness another graduating class of the CHP as they made their run from the academy to the State Capitol building.

For the 6:25 west steps crew we did an awesome partner workout that challenged the group. Challenging each group that no one was able to finish the workout before the 7AM end time.

Great job everyone! Have a great rest of the week.

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