It’s finally feeling like SPRING!


The spring weather is finally starting to show during our workouts! The weather couldn’t have been better this morning for the 5:30, 6 and 6:25AM groups.

We started off with our normal loop around the 5th / 6th street route to conquer a couple of hills. To the surprise of Courtney she was able to smash some pretty fast running. Kudos to her to continue to push herself to run with the pack. Without any science or data to back this, I think it is safe to state then 9RUN6 makes you faster! So come on out and see whats up with our group if you want to get fitter, faster and have fun doing it.
The 6AM group had plenty of fun running down Capitol Mall to pick up McRunner who waits for us each morning at the Tower Bridge. He has a very important job for us as he pushes the cross walk button as we arrive. You know it is all about safety first!
With the 6:25 West Steps of the Capitol workout ready to go, this morning it was a partner workout mixed in with a deck of cards. One partner pulls a card and that number represents the number of hoisties, partner push ups and sits up performed followed by a run around the West Lawn.
The crew did the work and got a lot of sweat pouring. Way to go gang! Have a kick ass rest of your Wednesday.

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