Luckily our Wednesday and Friday workouts this week we got some of that rare spring weather. I mean how dare we expect to get some decent spring weather since we are in April. Yesterday it was storming, but this morning it was great sights as we saw the sunrise during our workout.

This morning we also welcomed some returning faces to the crew. Welcome back Danielle and Rebecca to the morning workout crew. Danielle was a soldier and even stayed for all three time slots with the two runs and the ramp sprints at the Golden 1 Center.
With it being a Friday and good weather in the forecast, it was good timing to be able to do our Destination Friday workout at the Golden 1 Center. The workout this morning was fairly short compared to other ones that we throw out to our crew, but it was intense nonetheless.
This morning we hit 15 ramp sprints that had us breathing pretty hard and had our legs and arms pumping pretty quick.
Great job to everyone that got out there this morning, and to everyone traveling for this holiday weekend be safe!
Don’t forget Monday is Patriot’s Day and our favorite day to track a marathon! Jump onto the website to watch the live stream.

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