Adam talks Philly

So on occasion we get people visiting from out of town who try to find running groups in Sacramento. Then they get stuck with us. Adam welcomed out Philly visitor with talking about Philly and how he knew all of the land. We think at one point Adam might have been the mayor of Philly that is why he loves it so much.

Today we welcomed Mikki from Philly to our workout who says she is going to come back later in the week, we shall see. Though we think she will be joining us again.

Today’s run groups took us to the normal loops around the 5th & 6th Street hills, then out to Old Sacramento before getting to the 6:25AM west steps workout. The workout for this morning was the fun and enjoyable ping pong workout.

This workout is where people grab a ball from the bag, bounce it, then grab another one out of the air. The one they grab is the exercise you have to perform. This is followed with a run around the west lawn then repeated again until we get to the 7AM hour, when we call it a morning.

Also we want to give our friend Alexia a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out!

Great job everyone and have a kick ass rest of the day.

RUN BMC will be leading the workout on Friday so we hope he doesn’t screw that one up.

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