Welcome Back McRunner

This morning the crew started off with the normal morning runs at 5:30 am and 6AM… however this time at the 6AM run we had a familiar face who took a little leave for a bit. McRunner was back. How do we welcome back a familiar face and one of the originals who would show up to McKinley Park years ago … a hug by some of the crew! He even pushed the crosswalk button for us which is the traditional meeting of McRunner on the run.

After getting back to the West Steps we jumped into a killer partner workout. 12 different rounds of various exercises that either had one partner doing one movement while the other did the another, or where partners helped one another out with exercises such as hoistees.


With the ground wet from the light rain and the sweat pouring the crew CRUSHED the morning workout and was ready to crush the rest of the day!

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