We ran the mile!

So if you are on Strava, you are probably aware of the challenge that has been set on their blog to run your fastest mile in the month of June. Today, we made that part of our workout during the 5:30AM group. 10 brave souls showed up for the first group to warm-up to the river then smashed the road mile on Front Street to Mills Landing. The crew did awesome, every individual put themsleves out there and made it happen. Even if it wasn’t a person’s fastest mile, it was still the effort and willingness to get out there and risk it amongst one’s peers that really counts. The mile hurts, it is hard, shit it makes you wanna throw up. We applaud everyone’s efforts this morning for putting it on the line and going after it!

With the sufferFEST completed, the crew did the normal run to grab McRunner over by the Tower Bridge and made our way through Old Sacramento before hitting the 6:25AM workout on the West Steps of the Capitol.

The morning didn’t get easier as we did one of our more challenging partner workouts in the tool box. However, even with tired legs the group did it. 14 people deep to represent the 9RUN6 on a beautiful Wednesday morning at our state’s Capitol building.

Great job everyone way to throw it down this morning. Have a kick ass remainder of the day!

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