It’s hooooot

So the weather is starting to come in hoooot on us here in Sacramento, however when you get your workouts in and are done by 7AM then it is much cooler … but even that is relative as it is in the high 60s during the morning workouts.

This morning we welcomed some new faces to the group, one coming from England who found us through Meet Up and other being a friend of his who lives here in Sacramento, we hope to see her more often in future workouts.

The morning run groups did the normal routes of out to the river, along it and back to the 10th & N street corner. Then we made our way to pick up McRunner and head through Old Sacramento.

After the run groups finished off, we headed to the Memorial Auditorium for our Destination Friday workout, which was the deck of cards from hell. Various exercises written on the playing cards were performed followed by a run.

The sweat was pouring but we got it done! Have a great weekend everyone.

Also Monday we will be planning a trip to go out and cheer at Western States with our location being out at Forrest Hill, so be on the look out for that!

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