Taking it to the courts

This morning we finally made Brad’s dreams come through… we’ll get to that later in the post.
The morning crews did their thing this morning by showing up to the corner of 10th & N street for the 5:30 and 6AM run groups, which took us to the normal routes of running out to the river and back then picking up the 6AM group where we headed out towards the Tower Bridge and through Old Sacramento before heading back to the Capitol before doing the “Adult Recess” part of the workout.
This morning rather than doing burpees, pushups and other fun and exciting activities, we traded those in for some quick change of direction movements by playing full court basketball. If you don’t think basketball is a workout, we challenge you to come out and run around with some really bad basketball players and run around the court with us. The poor passing and terrible defense made for a lot of chasing and running around the court. It was AWESOME!
Check out the photos below to really appreciate the workout that went down today.
For those of you that missed it, we might be sneaking in more adult recess activities during the summer months, so check out the Facebook and twitter pages as we will start to announce those events for our Friday workouts.
Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the USATF Championships and Western States 100 that are both going down this weekend in and around Sacramento.

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