Holiday Lights Fun Run


Hey folks with the holidays in full swing, we thought we would organize a fun evening run to see the lights around East Sacramento. Here is the info …

What: 9RUN6 Holiday Lights Fun Run
When: Thursday December 17th @ 6:25PM
Where: Run starts and ends in front of the McKinley Park Library located at 601 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento, CA.
Who: Everyone! If you’re new bring a shirt to “tag” so we can make you an official 9RUN6 Member.

Bring proper night time running gear … headlamps and reflective clothing or layers. Meet at 6:25PM in front of the McKinley Park Library at 601 Alhambra Blvd. Our run hydration will be provided by Nuun Hydration.

From the Sacramento Bee’s “Where to find Where to find Sacramento’s best holiday light displays”

Fab 40s, Sacramento (95819): From 40th to 49th between H Street and Folsom Boulevard, a majority of the majestic homes of this East Sacramento neighborhood are ablaze with lights. Residents of some streets (such as 42nd-45th) coordinate with lights strung across the street or shrubberies with similar motifs. White lighting seems to predominate, but plenty of color is still to be found. Traffic gets heavy with private cars, minivans, horse-drawn wagons and, this year, multi-person party bikes. Many revelers park to walk the neighborhood.

Invite your friends through the official Facebook event page by clicking here.

Added … The route …


Give the Gift of Fitness

What better present for your friends and family than the gift of fitness? Well how about gift certificates that cost you nothing … Boom!

Print out this gift certificate and present it to your friends to show up …

I challenge our current regulars to give 10 of these out to their co-workers, friends and family members during the holiday season.

print complete and hand out … it’s that simple

Fleet Feet Free Holiday Classic


What: Fleet Feet Free Holiday Classic 5k Run/Walk
When: Sunday, December 13, 2015 at 8:00AM (Waiver sign-in, t-shirt giveaway) 9:00 am Race 5K and Kids’ 3/4M start
Where: The Start/Finish is located at Sutter’s Landing Park at 28th & A Street (North of Railroad Tracks)

Do all those cozy holiday gatherings make you sweat? Run for the chill of it! Join Fleet Feet Sports of Sacramento for the 9th annual Holiday Classic Fun Run. The race is FREE. It’s our gift to the running community. The race began as a lighthearted reason to gather for a run during the holiday season and has developed into a toy drive for the Salvation Army. This year the Salvation Army can use the support of the running community and the community at large in these tough economic times. Our goal is to fill a Salvation Army truck with your donations.

For more info visit the official Fleet Feet Sacramento website:


Holding it in… Business as usual

IMG_2907The title of this one doesn’t make any sense, but what was originally going to be the subject matter for this post has been pushed until tomorrow. That’s because we welcomed a new member to the crew yesterday; Courtney, fresh from Las Vegas.


Other than Courtney, it was Business as Usual Wednesday.  The deck of cards made an appearance, each of us drawing a card 10 times to complete the set of reps per the face value of the cards. Brad, as usual, drew the best hand and pull 3 cards for the bonus round.

Oh, and we got a preview of the Christmas Tree lighting at the West Steps!



No Excuses Week … Get to the West Steps

no-excuses-largeOkay this week is when people travel … err come into Sacramento for the Thanksgiving holiday. This also means plenty of people have either Wednesday and or Friday off of work with the Thursday holiday. With this being said it, there is no excuse to miss a workout or both of them.

As your friends and family come in tackle the holiday eating with a couple of 9RUN6 workouts, so you can feel a little less guilty when you chow down on that grub!

In case you are unaware of when and where to meet up here is the info …

Every Wednesday and Friday at 6:25AM (running only groups also meet at 5:30AM & 6:00AM at the corner of 10th & N Street) in front of the West Steps of the Capitol, here is the address: California State Capitol , 1315 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814 (West Steps are the steps facing the Tower Bridge).

For those of you planning on your Black Friday shopping, we want you to know that some of the 9RUN6 members will be trolling Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to call you out on Friday if you aren’t able to make the workout, complain that we meet up too early, yet are able to get your ass out of bed and go shopping at some ridiculous times of the day.


2015 Winter Streak Challenge


The challenge is really pretty simple, all you have to do is stick to it! Figure out some sort of activity that you want to streak with (push-ups, running, walking, anything active that involves exercise), set a minimum numerical value to that movement (1-mi, 10 reps, 1 minute hold, etc) and do it every day from November 26, 2014 through December 31, 2015. Try to have a streak that is different than one that you have already done or are currently in. If you are doing a running streak maybe select some sort of body weight exercise like push-ups or pull-ups, etc. You get the picture now make the pledge….

1) Use the photo above and caption it announcing your commitment to staying fit from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or your blog and use hashtag #9run6

2) Hold yourself accountable by making the goal realistic. Your streak can be whatever you want but it has to have a minimum (such as 1 mile a day or 10 burpess, 1 minute plank) of WHATEVER YOU WANT! It’s your streak we just want to help you during the holiday season!

3) Announce that you completed your activity each day on social media …. here you can even cut and paste the following: I just did (ran , cycled) _______ to complete my daily commitment for #9run6 Winter Challenge.

4) Have fun with it, you can even post your commitment in the comments section below and check in on others to see how they are doing.

This is all about having fun while supporting one another achieve individual goals. It isn’t a competition, no matter if you run 1 mile or 10 miles a day or do 100 burpees or 10 pushups, keeping yourself active is all that matters!

Make the pledge and join the fun!

9RUN6 Gets Bottled!


So sometimes we can get excited when we walk into the local Whole Foods Market and see the 9RUN6 brew on the shelves in the beer section! Boom … today was one of those days …

The back story of the brew …

Back in January we collaborated with Yolo Brewing Company out of West Sacramento to deliver the <5% brew that is delicious after a workout or run. Over the last few months the brew masters over at Yolo have been putting the work in to make this masterpiece as awesome as possible.

While this was going down The Pony Express Marathon was working on promoting their 2016 May 1st Marathon in Sacramento. As part of a collaboration between the two parties, Yolo Brew is releasing a 4-part beer marathon relay series. The first of the beers in the series is none other than the 9RUN6 …

Check out the brew … this one was located at the Whole Foods Market on the corner of Arden and Eastern in the Carmichael area of town …