6 years of 9RUN6’ing

So today we celebrated our 6th birthday, when you think about it a running group, especially a free one lasting more than a year is pretty damn awesome. Let’s a take a walk, jog, run or sprint through memory … we would love to say these photos are in some certain order but they aren’t … but take a look have a laugh and enjoy the past 6 years. 

we love props … like cards … and turned them into workouts
we once had our own beer that was bottled and sold at Whole Foods ! 
we enjoyed running through the fab 40s to see lights and fake santa
we were and still are weather proof
we love ping pong balls too, but not the burpees they had one them.
destination Fridays were once a thing where we rolled around on the sidewalks.
ever done a Bojan workout?
yup more bojan … 
still doing bojans … we hated them but loved them at the same time.
the competitive beer mile team was real, well we thought it was a good idea.
good thing there were trees to rest against.
then we had one time we decided to become an early 2000’s pop band
these stairs were a staple … until we got kicked off of them
there have been a lot of high-fives! 
and a lot of leap frogs.
partner pushups ,we still got the high-fives going on
we used to hang out on the bollards, until CHP told us we couldn’t
one time Skechers gave everyone who showed up a free pair of shoes. it was cool! 
who doesn’t like free stuff?
pumpkin workouts were also a thing … so was taking group photos with other groups 
we love our hugs more than high-fives
some workouts really sucked! 
brad nice defense! we played basketball for a workout.
sometimes it was like adult recess than a workout
dice were pretty evil too 
Courtney would bring these things that she found or whatever fell out of the sky
a lot of different faces over the years
someone might have yelled out “nubs out” during these workouts
we were on tap too. 
a lot of shirts and a cans of spray paint
one of the few things that isn’t free is when we order cool things but charge no more than what the product actually cost.
Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 4.51.38 PM
we even had a 9run6 RTFTH team
Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 4.51.51 PM
racing as santa was chill too … 
Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 4.57.40 PM
let’s bring back where your 9run6 shirt takes you … 


well that was fun … keep adding to our memories … we love our community …

Continue to laugh, smile, high-five, hug, say hello to strangers and be kind to one another. We love out community and you (YES YOU) make 9run6 what it is.


Adobe Spark (1)

What is 9RUN6 4.0? It is the 4 year celebration of 9RUN6. Every second Wednesday in January we celebrate when 9RUN6 all started with a group of 3 people people 4 years ago who decided to meet up at McKinley Park.

Over the last 4 years 9RUN6 has gone through so many changes, we have seen so many people come through the workouts, we have seen people move into Sacramento and leave Sacramento. 9RUN6 is more than just a group of people who run on Wednesday and Friday mornings from the corner of 10th & N Street.

Back in 2014, 9RUN6 started as a pledge for November Project Sacramento, after about 9 months all parties (Chris, Brogan and Bojan) decided that it was time to pull the plug on the NP_SMF brand as it wasn’t growing as much as it needed to like the other tribes around the country and world. However, at that point it wasn’t about calling it quits because in that short time, people who only knew one another through social media finally got to meet in real life and workout. Without 9RUN6 many people who show up at 5:30, 6 or 6:25am would have never met. We wouldn’t have been able to witness the hard work each person puts in beyond our meet-ups.

People have gone from not running races to training and running marathons and 50ks and distances between from the Beer Mile.

So next Wednesday we celebrate 9RUN6 4.0. Same location at the corner of 10th & N Street, we knock out the two group runs at 5:30 and 6AM, then at 6:25AM you’ll want to stick around for the donut relays. Why donuts? Well if you have ever been to a workout when we celebrate something we always have donuts. On Wednesday January 10th we are celebrating 4 years of awesome friends and adventures.

BRING A SHIRT TO TAG!!! We will have the normal 9RUN6 stencil and a special 4.0 stencil that will only be used on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018.

Take a look at some memories from the last few years …

Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Alright folks it’s been a while since we did a blog post, so lets do some catching up by way of all of the events going down this week and a couple SAVE THE DATES …

Wednesday November 22 – FRIENDSGIVING WORKOUT

5:30, 6:00 and 6:25AM come out for a run and workout meeting at the corner of 10th & N Street. We will run a couple loops around downtown at 5:30 and 6:00 and do an easy workout on the west steps at 6:25AM.

  • Bring a friend and spend time with them through a workout, let’s celebrate and be thankful for our health, fitness, and community.
  • Bring a shirt and tag it for Thursday’s Run To Feed The Hungry.
  • If you signed up for the 9RUN6 Run to Feed The Hungry team, you will get your shirt, headband and bib tomorrow.


Meet at 7:15AM for a group photo, we will meet near the team meeting area entrance. We will forgo the official team photo by the race and take a 9RUN6 group photo even if you didn’t sign up for the team but will be at the race join us for a photo.

Friday November 24 – Black Friday Workout

We won’t judge you if you go shopping that day, AFTER the workout(s). We will troll social media and if you are at a store waiting in line between the hours of 5:30AM and 7AM be ready to be called out … Just saying … let’s be a group that wants to #OptOutside.

Upcoming events … 

Saturday December 2 – 9RUN6 Shakeout Run for CIM.

More info to come next week, plan on it being around 9:30AM at Capitol Park. Even if you aren’t running CIM we will be doing a 3 mile easy group run. You don’t want to miss out on this one as we will be giving out some awesome goodies courtesy of Zensah Compression, Wicked Audio, and Science in Sport.

Sunday December 3 – 9RUN6 Social Post CIM

After the race, plan on connecting with everyone at De Vere’s Irish Pub where we can cheer on the final runners while grabbing some food and a beverage. More info to come on this next week as well.

Reverse Routing

This morning, with the request of Courtney we decided to reverse route the 6AM run group. The 5:30AM hit the Urban Hills and returned to the corner of 10th & N Street, then we moved our way to Old Sac but in reverse. Starting towards L Street, we went by Golden 1 before heading through the Old Sac tunnel and down Capital Mall.

To be honest it was kind of weird running it in reverse, but it did spice things up a bit. So if you have ideas or recommendations of making our routine different even if that means just running it in reverse, bring up the idea and we will try to implement it. This is a group ran by the group!

Today we had a visitor from San Diego November Project, she was visiting us during her work trip up to Sacramento. We are glad she came out to our small group compared to what she is familiar to in SD, where they get around 140 people during their Wednesday workouts at Balboa Park.

With a new face in the crew we did the dice workout on the West Steps of the Capitol to close off the Wednesday workout crew.

Great job everyone for crushing, some or all of the workout today.

See you FRIDAY!



Friday rolls around and it is all about destinations … Destination Friday to be exact. This morning after our recent change of the morning 530AM group running Urban Hills as the river promenade is darker this time of year, we hit safer routes where the streets are better lit.

Some of you might be thinking … URBAN HILLS? Sacramento has hills? well there is one set of hills that we loop around near the rail yards. Wanna run them with us? You have to show up at 5:30AM.

This morning our destination workout took us to the IMAX theater on K Street. It is a nice wide open car free road that allows us to be our silly selves and get our workout on. Hustling through a partner workout, that no group completed, we came to the mutual agreement that this workout is best suited for the West Steps Wednesday since it doesn’t take us 5 minutes each way to get to the IMAX.

Even though we didn’t finish the workout, it still beat up our legs pretty good from the wall sits, burpees, squat jumps, push ups, lunges and jumping jacks. Unfortunately, for Brad we didn’t get to the core set which is planks and legs lifts with sprints. I know Brad you didn’t get to work on your ripped abdominal area, we promise to hit the abs next Wednesday.

Great job to everyone getting through the workout today and getting through the week. Have an awesome weekend and good luck to everyone getting a run, race or whatever you have on the schedule for this weekend.


WTF IS A DOCO? Probably one of the most common questions for those who are new to the Sacramento Area, or those that aren’t as cool as the cool kids who run around downtown. Actually to be fair, most people who run around downtown still don’t really know what a DOCO is … well it is a hip new way of calling the Downtown Commons … The tag line is “Hello DOCO”, so we will just go with it. Though other members of 9RUN6 like to think of a DOCO as a combination of going number 1 and number 2, so feel free to imagine the combinations of various emjois here …


With the mornings staying a bit darker, it made the group run a little faster. The crew did the “race the loop” with some blazing speed this morning, it wasn’t for the weak or uncertain. In fact, we don’t like to have the uncertain, we like to have the positive!

A lot of people come out and aren’t sure if they can keep up, well not to worry because we don’t leave people behind, but those who come out and challenge themselves start to find out they have more in the tank than they thought!

Let’s use Mara for instance, each time she comes out she pushes herself to run faster and keep up with the front pack, each time she runs she finds herself keeping up with the front of the pack runners more and more. So THUMBS UP to Mara for staying committed and showing up every time for the run and workout! She is a perfect example of just show up and we will push you or pull you or whatever you need to get through a workout!

Another reason to keep up with the front of the pack or the pack in front of you is that, there tends to be some pretty good banter between some of the people and you never want to miss out on that!

This morning we had our Destination Friday, where we headed to Roosevelt Park to throw some dice and get our workout in …

…. on another note … I think someone dropped a tattoo verbal on social media this week … and you know that that means … it better be coming … otherwise we will call you out until it happens…

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 3.57.31 PM.png
We take verbals seriously! 

Great job everyone this week and have a kick-ass weekend! See you next week.


So a couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to get our custom socks through our friends at Zensah Compression. Of course we jumped on the chance for some sweet at custom socks!
Well the other day the socks came in and we handed them out today. With much joy the folks who ordered them had smiles, and those who didn’t wanted to buy some. Luckily we do have a couple extra pairs for sale for $15 per pair.
This morning the crew brought out their fast as the 5:30AM group did the loop, which is a 3.3 mile loop starting at the corner of 10th & N, heading down N Street to the Promenade out to Broadway, back headed north on Front Street then back onto N Street for the 10th Street Finish.
For the 5:30AM group we welcomed a new face. Eddie reached out to us last week after hearing about us through our friends at Sloppy Moose Running Club. Welcome to the crew Eddie, we hope to see you again. A random fact about our new friend Eddie, Eddie is from Australia, and Eddie’s favorite beer is NOT Fosters.
Below is the segment on Strava, if you want to see if you can get out there and get the Course Record, because we all know everyone on Strava wants to set the course record.
We then knocked out the Old Sacramento loop with the crew before hitting the Wednesday West Steps Workout at 6:25AM. The workout today, was 12 different exercises for once through. Our machine Chris McRunner was the first the rip through the workout, everyone else tied for 2nd Place!
Great job everyone way to crush through your Wednesday morning and see you on Friday!

Let’s go check out some art!

So not only do we like to run and exercise in Sacramento, we also like to take in what Sacramento has to offer. Currently Sacramento is hosting an event called Wide Open Walls, which is a mural festival that goes on from August 10th through the 20th.

This morning we picked a few murals around the Downtown Sacramento area and checked them out. Rather than writing more about them, let’s just let the photos tell the story …


Like what you saw? We encourage you to get out and support the Wide Open Walls by checking out their website for more information: http://www.wideopenwalls.net/about-the-event.html