It’s hooooot

So the weather is starting to come in hoooot on us here in Sacramento, however when you get your workouts in and are done by 7AM then it is much cooler … but even that is relative as it is in the high 60s during the morning workouts.

This morning we welcomed some new faces to the group, one coming from England who found us through Meet Up and other being a friend of his who lives here in Sacramento, we hope to see her more often in future workouts.

The morning run groups did the normal routes of out to the river, along it and back to the 10th & N street corner. Then we made our way to pick up McRunner and head through Old Sacramento.

After the run groups finished off, we headed to the Memorial Auditorium for our Destination Friday workout, which was the deck of cards from hell. Various exercises written on the playing cards were performed followed by a run.

The sweat was pouring but we got it done! Have a great weekend everyone.

Also Monday we will be planning a trip to go out and cheer at Western States with our location being out at Forrest Hill, so be on the look out for that!

We ran the mile!

So if you are on Strava, you are probably aware of the challenge that has been set on their blog to run your fastest mile in the month of June. Today, we made that part of our workout during the 5:30AM group. 10 brave souls showed up for the first group to warm-up to the river then smashed the road mile on Front Street to Mills Landing. The crew did awesome, every individual put themsleves out there and made it happen. Even if it wasn’t a person’s fastest mile, it was still the effort and willingness to get out there and risk it amongst one’s peers that really counts. The mile hurts, it is hard, shit it makes you wanna throw up. We applaud everyone’s efforts this morning for putting it on the line and going after it!

With the sufferFEST completed, the crew did the normal run to grab McRunner over by the Tower Bridge and made our way through Old Sacramento before hitting the 6:25AM workout on the West Steps of the Capitol.

The morning didn’t get easier as we did one of our more challenging partner workouts in the tool box. However, even with tired legs the group did it. 14 people deep to represent the 9RUN6 on a beautiful Wednesday morning at our state’s Capitol building.

Great job everyone way to throw it down this morning. Have a kick ass remainder of the day!

around ahhh bouttttt

So after we got our biggest group out on Wednesday we picked up back to the normal faces on Friday … yup this morning we were hoping to see some returners this morning, but that wasn’t the case. However we do hope to see some of you that came out for the first time on Wednesday again in the near future.

Back to the normal grind we went with our running groups, then DESTINATION FRIDAY met us at 6:25AM when we did our workout at the roundabout just across the street from the West Steps of the Capitol building.

We blasted the music and did the scripted deck of cards from hell workout, which features a ton of burpees and bear crawls mix in some running and other movements for 25 minutes and boom! there is the workout.

For some reason it was all dudes that did it the strength workout today, but Alexia and Courtney partook in the running groups and crushed the run as well.

Great job everyone, have a great weekend and if you are racing or doing something epic please share your photos with us!

Global Running Day


Today is Global Running Day, so we celebrated by doing what we know how to do and that is running! The group came out deep today and we met 5 new faces in the morning group runs. We met at the normal 5:30, 6 and 6:25 groups, but rather than having the typical workout at 6:25AM we ran more around downtown covering about 7.5 miles in total for those who ran the entire time joining all three groups.

This morning we were also featured on Good Day Sacramento as Dave “Deuce” Mason joined us for the morning spot. Check out the videos below…


Along with the celebration and meeting / welcoming new faces to the group we also had our largest group in attendance in a very long time. We hope that we continue to grow and move to seeing more people at our workouts. The more people, the more fun!

Let us take a moment to recognize that RUN BMC also no longer holds the fastest 5k group best. In a matter of a week he went from having the group best of a low 18 minute to third best 🙂 we like to humble him every now and then. But as BMC puts it now that there are faster people he can probably run another personal best because there will be more people to chase during runs.

Will tomorrow be your first?

So tomorrow is Global Running Day. We hope we see you at our run tomorrow morning.

Here are the details for tomorrow morning:

On June 7th, come join the rest of the 9RUN6 fam bam and run around Downtown Sacramento with us as we celebrate Global Running Day! We have 3 groups that are scheduled to meet this Wednesday to celebrate together 5:30AM, 6:00AM and 6:25AM … The first 2 groups meet at the corner of 10th and N Street while the 6:25AM group meets at the West Steps of the Capitol. Come to one or all of the groups to share your love of running with some awesome folks.

Check out the Facebook Event Page and invite as many of your friends to join in on the fun to celebrate Global Running Day. Click here to visit the event page. 

We also want to take a second to share something we were tagged in today on Instagram by one of our members Steve (@RunningChoseMe916).

He posted the following photo from one of our previous workouts.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 7.32.09 PM.png

However, it wasn’t the photo that grabbed our attention it was the caption, which read:

I joined 9RUN6 last year and they have changed my life!

Who am I? I’m Steven and you may have seen me at many races around Sacramento with my green or orange 9RUN6 tagged singlet. Here is how it all got started:

One year ago last week, I made a decision to join 9RUN6 for my first workout. Before making the jump, I had many what if’s including: What if I don’t run as fast enough to keep up with the run? What if I was not as fit and I am not able to complete their workout?

At this time last year, I was not an early morning person and I would never have woken up before 8am for a run. The Friday before Global Running Day last year, I woke up at 4:30am to make my way down to N &10th Street for their 5:30am and 6am run. Wow, they were really friendly and welcoming people… Everyone introduced themselves to me before the run.

Fast forward to a month or two later. I made another jump and actually started joining them for their 6:25am workouts. They have been trying to get me to stay for these workouts for many weeks since my first run with them. After the first few workouts, I found how fun they really are and kept returning for more!

During fall of last year, 9RUN6 expanded their training days to include Monday McKinley [recovery] Miles/stretches and long run Saturday’s for the California International Marathon season and got me through my first marathon!

9RUN6 helped me discover what I am capable of and they are an extended family of mines.

My bottom line is don’t be intimidated about joining them for your first run/workout like I once did. Take the jump and give them a try, it is a decision you won’t regret. You also have nothing to lose. Worry not… They will leave no one behind on their runs and modify the workout so everyone can complete it.

Speaking of 9RUN6… Who is coming to celebrate Global Running Day with them tomorrow? Drop your verbals in the comments and we will hold you accountable! 😀
5:30am – 3 mile run (N & 10 Street)
6am – 2ish mile run (N & 10 Street)
6:25am – 3 mile run (West Steps of the California State Capitol)

📷: @9run6

#9RUN6 #sacRUNmento #runSacramento#Sacramento #Sacramento365#SacramentoProud #VisitSacramento

Thank you Steven for the awesome words and shoutout! We hope you make the commitment like Steven did and just show up one time. Tomorrow you could experience the same things that Steven did.

Do you remember your first 9RUN6 workout? What was it that kept bringing you back for more? What could we do to get 100 people out to a single workout? We want to help make people become more active.

Everyone was tired!


Before we get into today’s edition of Destination Friday, let’s rewind to tomorrow night when 9RUN6 officially crashed the Sloppy Moose run at New Helvetia. Last night we jumped in the 3-mile run and enjoyed one another’s company along with meeting some new faces and recruiting others at the weekly free run hosted by Sloppy Moose Running Club. So shoutout to their crew, especially Kyle for making us feel welcome and giving us an intro to his crew. After the run there might have been 1 , 2 , or 3 + beers consumed by various individuals.


Last night also included a VERBAL by one of our very own Ernesto. He stated that he will go to each and every Wednesday and Friday workout to get back on the ball. Guess what … After making the verbal last night he already missed a workout this morning. Dude did you forget? Did your alarm not go off? What happened? Where were you? We are holding you accountable when you say you will be there and don’t show up.

IMG_3746So this morning the crew had some suffering from last night’s adventures that included some beverages, so we sweated it out proper. The 5:30AM crew came strong including 4 people who joined the fun last night. So hitting the 530 arrival isn’t an excuse I mean even Brad who comes in from Orangevale made it out for the run.

After the running was completed with the typical pick up of McRunner, we headed over to the Sacramento Convention Center for a deck of cards workout. After the pushups, situps, squats and running was completed, it was time to do the adult thing and get ready for work.

Great job everyone! See you next week and have a great weekend.

Welcome Back McRunner

This morning the crew started off with the normal morning runs at 5:30 am and 6AM… however this time at the 6AM run we had a familiar face who took a little leave for a bit. McRunner was back. How do we welcome back a familiar face and one of the originals who would show up to McKinley Park years ago … a hug by some of the crew! He even pushed the crosswalk button for us which is the traditional meeting of McRunner on the run.

After getting back to the West Steps we jumped into a killer partner workout. 12 different rounds of various exercises that either had one partner doing one movement while the other did the another, or where partners helped one another out with exercises such as hoistees.


With the ground wet from the light rain and the sweat pouring the crew CRUSHED the morning workout and was ready to crush the rest of the day!

DESTINATION: Golden 1 Center

This morning the crew put in the work with the normal miles at the 5:30 and 6AM time slots. Then it was time to head over to the Golden 1 Center for Destination Friday. Today was about breaking down the legs one step at a time. The workout consisted of a sprint down the walk ramp, followed by some uphill lunges then pushups of 20 for 5 sets. The last 5 sets had us working in some abs as well.

The crew crushed the workout this morning and got after it on all fronts. The weather has been fantastic and the crew has continued to pound the pavement and have fun doing so.

Wanna join us? We think you should. It is an amazing group of people who come out and commit themselves not to the crew but individually for themselves with the help of being held accountable by the community that makes 9RUN6.

Great job everyone and have a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget BLOOD SWEAT AND BEERS is filling up fast! So make sure you register before it sells out. The only option now is the short course a run of just over 5 miles.

Support the crew by registering through the following link:

Throwing down some dice 

The morning crew got out and did work! The heat started early this morning in Sacramento… and we aren’t talking the temperatures. We are taking about pushing some paces of the first group run at 5:30AM. 

The first run was the to race the loop where we pushed the pace for the first crew. 

The second run was more chill with out sightseeing pace through Old Sac before the 6:25AM workout at the roundabout for the destination Friday workout. 

Today’s workout involved dice. Each individual threw down the dice and the number it corresponded with was the exercise. We worked for for solid 30 minutes with the movements and running around the roundabout. 

Worser is the word of the day

The morning crew started strong this morning with 10 people showing up at 5:30AM to get their run on down N Street to the Promenade and heading south. Once we hit the freeway we turned around and picked up the 6AM crew at the 10th & N Street corner to make our way onto Old Sac and back to the West Steps for the 6:25 workout.

At some point during the morning as Brad was waking up he used the term “worser”, so clearly we need a Speecher (a teacher who teaches speech) to join the group. Know one? Bring them out on Friday.

The workout today was the deck of cards from hell, which wasn’t so bad … kidding … for some reason it was tougher than normal, perhaps because most people were pulling burpees. However we brought the music back, using a better blue tooth speaker which had the music blasting. So a big shout out to Wicked Audio for hooking us up with some new equipment to bump our beats.

A couple of reminders of upcoming field trips:

June 4, 2017 Sunday – 2:30-3:30 PM Health and Wellness Fair featuring 9RUN6. More info:  We also need some help manning the 9RUN6 booth to try to recruit new faces to the community.

June 24, 2017 Saturday – Western States 100 cheering at Forest Hill.

July 23, 2017 Sunday – Blood Sweat and Beers – haven’t registered yet? Here is the link to get in on the fun.